Transfer Seminars (TRS)

These one or two-credit courses are designed to assist in the successful transition of transfer students from their previous college or university to UMBC. It focuses on developing and understanding the skills needed and the academic expectations to achieve success at an Honors University. The materials covered will complement the work that is being done in upper-level courses in the major, and it will contain academic material selected by the Department that has been identified as a barrier to the success of transfer students in that particular major.


Transfer Seminars (TRS) are unique in that they:
  • focus on information that transfer students told us they needed
  • were created at the request of transfer students
  • have a focus on academic areas departments have identified as key to success in upper-level course work
  • support transfer students in connecting quickly with their major department and moving forward with their academic and co-curricular planning to ensure strong preparation for the job market


Transfer Student Seminar are open to all students during their first year at UMBC.

TRS 201: Transfer Student Seminars

TRS in Computer Science

Note: Co-Requisite: Students must also enroll in CMSC202 or CMSC203 or CMSC341

TRS in Information Systems

Note: Co-Requisite: Student must also enroll in IS300 OR IS310

TRS in Mechanical Engineering

Note: Co-Requisite: Student must also enroll in ENME204

TRS in Chemical Engineering

Note: Co-Requisite: Student must also enroll in ENCH215

Campus Resources for Transfer Students